The Catalysts Guild

A global scale, distribution-focused, operational thinking early-stage company pre-accelerator.




New York City/Global

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The Catalysts Guild is a registered Benefit Corporation (B Corp.), a type of business entity focused on making a material difference in the world at every step of the decision-making process. We differ from traditional corporations in our persistent pursuit of higher standards of purpose, accountability, and transparency. We like to work with more experienced people who know how to get things done and have at least fifteen years of work history. During the program, company teams can work in any location with reliable Internet service. If you have a team searching for the right idea, our Startup Idea Bank is a collection of current startup concepts provided by potential investors, all designed to stimulate great teams with new, relevant, scalable ideas. Our step-by-step funding kits help companies raise the capital they need, when they need it, at the best valuation possible.

Example Businesses

Amazon Alexa technology, consumer-targeted apps, AI-driven travel services, workplace education/wellness, volunteer matching.

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